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Disability, Sex – Rolling onwards and upwards!

Welcome to our first blog! If you’re interested in sex, disability, intimacy; maybe even all three – then we may share some quality time over the coming months. The aim is to have some good, clean, dirty fun. You yourself may be disabled or have a long-term health condition. Perhaps you are a partner carer or parent carer. You may be a healthcare professional or social worker.  

Inevitably you will spot some double entendres – mostly because I can’t help myself (like multiple orgasms…..they just keep coming)  😉  We will include some current affairs (!), some talking points, news about what we’re up to as a company; together with signposting to organisations we feel might be useful to you.

The brain fogged brain doing the writing is me, Lorraine. Officially the Managing Director- currently unpaid and volunteering my time. I am navigating my way through lots of red tape trying to transfer from welfare into work. So, you will also have the opportunity to travel with me as I try and encourage (ahem!) various government departments to communicate and liaise with each other to do their jobs.

At this point it is worth noting I am neither expecting nor wanting a “hand out” rather a “hand-up”….to paraphrase the wonderful John Bird of Big Issue fame. When I read in the media and on their own websites their role is to assist people transition from welfare into work – I believe them. When specific disability related sections state they are there to support me, as a disabled person, into work – I believe them. Yes, my combination of both physical and mental health conditions means their tick boxes find me difficult to cope with, but that’s life……welcome to my world!

You will read quite a bit about “the Lovely Mike” in these blogs. He is my fellow Director in our Community Interest Company, currently unpaid and volunteering his time. He is also my other half (non-resident), an experienced partner carer and a resourceful, innovative engineer. We met in a jacuzzi, naked, at a Swingers party. Yes – you read that right!!!!!  🙂

If you would like to visit our website http://www.sexwithadifference.com, you can read more detailed information about us and what we’re about as a business. Until next time (approximately a fortnight) please keep on keeping on….and remember – more orgasms = less painkillers! Virtual snoggy hugs, Lorraine x

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